"People will never rise above the opinion they have of themselves... ever"

I work with motivated professionals & business owners to grow their confidence, do more in less time and achieve new, better results. 

The Thought-Shifting Manifesto

I work with motivated professionals & business owners to grow their confidence, do more in less time, and achieve massive results. 
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Ready to be the Superhero of your own career? Ready to watch your results skyrocket, your confidence soar, and your bank account grow? 
Ready for me to get to the point?
Okay, picture this:

There you are... 

just finished watching "The Secret" 10 times and now you're convinced that all you need to do is implement the "Law of Attraction" into your life. 

Surely, if you just think about the things you want, it'll ALL come true. 

You're feeling like Batman ready to defend Gotham from the Joker. 

But what happens when you Struggle with the Law of Attraction?​

A superhero cannot achieve excellence in one area without it bleeding out into another. 

However, after working with various clients over time...

 I've found that certain ones would successfully recreate their own powers.

Whereas others would not show progress at all. 

Both clients have the information, yet they would get different results.

Client + Powerful Information= SuperPowers. 


Not really.

What is Self-Confidence Mastery?

It's my signature system designed  to create a shift in you...

because believe it or not, who you are right now will never attain the superhero powers to achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

You must become a  more heroic version of yourself...

one who is truly worthy of the goals you've set for yourself. 

Self-Confidence Mastery is created in such a way

that it allows you to SHIFT into the superhero version of you that truly creates the desires that the current version has.

This is by far most comprehensive course I have created. 

Over a period of 6 weeks, under my close guidance...

expect to come out of this course with the abilities to help you conquer any villains in your way, internal & external. 

 In fact, you may even find that the villains completely disappear.  

Anything you want can be had. 

However, this program is not one-size-fits-all; it isn't for everyone. 

Book a Free 15-minute consult to see if you're a right fit.

Here's the best part -- no one will know it was ME that helped your confidence soar. 

So, you'll look like Batman either way!

Achieving more & living happier?

 Now THAT'S heroic.

See What People are Saying...


Oscar is a High-Performance Confidence Coach. He specializes in helping ambitious, high-achieving professionals and business owners tap into their true confidence so that they can get “unstuck”, advance their careers, and make more money.

Having struggled mightily with low self-confidence and social anxiety as a child and young adult, Oscar dedicated himself to studying & investing in personal development bootcamps and programs. He was the guy at work who obsessively watched trainings and YouTube clips during “lunch hours” while everyone else went out to eat. To date, Oscar has invested over USD $65k in programs, mentors, and masterminds.

A former Senior Marketing Manager at one of the world’s largest travel companies, Oscar knew deep in his heart that he was not fulfilling his purpose. 

In early 2018, after his last boss told him to “stop dreaming so big, I don’t want you to be disappointed when things don’t work out for you”, Oscar knew that was his moment to DECIDE.

Go ALL-IN & pursue your dreams or remain silenced doing work you don’t love and for people that don’t value you.

Oscar is now on a mission to help people, just like you, take control of their own destinies so they can also create the results & the life they REALLY want. 

It all begins with shedding the layers of self-doubt and tapping into the birthright of their powerful self-confidence.

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